Medtronic to Release New iPro 2 CGM Monitor

June 07, 2010

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Medtronic, Inc. announced the launch of iPro 2 Professional CGM, a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system used by physicians to help improve diabetes management, in 49 countries around the world. This simplified, yet more advanced fourth generation CGM system is valuable for detecting high and low glucose fluctuations that can lead to dangerous health complications. Such complications often go undetected with traditional A1C tests (a measurement of glucose control over a two to three month period) and glucose meter measurements.

iPro2 Professional CGM has received CE (Conformité Européenne) Mark. Subject to other local approvals, Medtronic plans to release iPro2 Professional CGM in 22 more countries around the world, for 71 in total, including the United States where Medtronic has submitted its application for approval to the Food and Drug Administration.

iPro2 Professional CGM uses a tiny glucose sensor to record as many as 288 glucose readings over a 24 hour period. Glucose data captured in the system is uploaded to CareLink iPro Software and viewed retrospectively by healthcare providers.


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  1. Marios at

    How about they let us ‘regular’ folk have one of these so we know whats going on daily, not the Doc who sees us 1-2 times a year

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