The Artificial Pancreas

Today’s a big day for anyone with Type 1 diabetes: JDRF just announced a partnership with the Animas Corporation to develop what they’re calling a “First-Generation Automated System for Managing Type 1 Diabetes.” Translation? They’re trying to make the first-ever … Read more

Quick Correction

It is now ten hours later and I have two corrections to today’s earlier post. First, I need to apologize to the pomelo I ate this morning for blaming it for the off taste of my cottage cheese. I tasted … Read more

Sixty Bucks Gone, At The Press Of a Button

I am on deadline for another story but must write a quick post about my thumb. Because, simply put, it just fucked up. I was putting together a somewhat nasty breakfast of cottage cheese and pomelo (nasty because pomelo — … Read more

Diabetes Apps, COBRA, Diabetic Ear Buds and More!

My mind is jumping around a bit this morning — I woke up with a Phil Collins song in my head (never a good sign) and immediately had to try to figure out the opening piano section of “Against All … Read more

A Diabetic Addiction

Do you ever feel like diabetes gear is addictive? Or, rather, that it doesn’t take long to become dependent on something that, just weeks earlier, wasn’t a part of your life at all? I remember feeling that way when I … Read more

Give Abbott Your Feedback

I love my CGM, don’t get me wrong. But there are times when I run into problems with my continuous glucometer, like when it falls off during exercise, or when I rupture a blood vessel and bleed all over the … Read more

A Thanksgiving Shout-Out

It is T minus 24 hours before Thanksgiving, and my family has officially descended. I just spent the morning with my mother at Whole Foods, where I discovered that a taste for triple creme really does run in the family … Read more

Graphic Content: When Good Glucometers Go Bad

If you’ve clicked on this post, it’s probably too late to warn you — but I’ll try anyway: this post contains blood. If you don’t enjoy the idea of a dripping wound on your thigh, you might want to click … Read more

Seeing Glucose

Whether flesh and blood or plastic and silicon; the cure for late stage diabetics will be a new pancreas. How to build a mechanical version is the question addressed in a recent review by M. Hoshino and colleagues. We refer … Read more

Where to wear your CGM

I’ve been using the Abbott Freestyle Navigator continuous glucometer for about 10 months now, and in concept, I love it — it lets me see my blood sugar levels in near real time (okay, it lets me see my interstitial … Read more

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