No Bake Chocolate Brownie Energy Bars

There really aren’t enough companies out there putting out truly healthy, low carb energy bars. It’s a huge hole in the market and I can’t understand why someone isn’t filling that void. Hmmm, maybe that will be my next business … Read more

Flourless Chocolate Avocado Mini Muffins

You may find it hard to believe but chocolate and avocado are a match made in heaven. The creamy richness of avocado plays very nicely with the deep bitter notes of cocoa powder. These flourless muffins are a perfect way to combine the two flavors. They’re incredibly healthy, gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free. And they were a huge hit with my kids! Read more

Cookie Butter Cups

Have you ever stood in the check-out line at Trader Joe’s staring longingly at the cookie butter-filled chocolate bars? Or, for that matter, have you ever eyed the Cookie Butter, wishing desperately that it wasn’t so full of sugar and carbs? Well, it’s time to take matters into your own hands! Read more

No Bake Low Carb Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles

The combination of chocolate and pumpkin is always a win in the fall season, but when it’s also a no baking type recipe, sugar-free and low carb, it’s a home run! Soft and fudgy just as a truffle should be, but without your blood sugar spiking like typical truffles would cause. Read more

Molten Chocolate Cakes

I’ve long had my eye on these delicious lava cakes from Susan at The Urban Baker, one of the amazing people I have connected with through my blog. The original recipe from which Susan adapted hers took so little flour, it was easy to make a low-carb version. Read more

One Up On Chocolate

I was so pleased with the responses that came into my post “Feed Me Chocolate.”  “Look, Mike,” I said. “People like my blog!” “No,” he answered.  “They just like chocolate.” He’s right.  Chocolate is definitely more exciting than I am. … Read more

Feed Me Chocolate

I love chocolate.  Chocolate is definitely one of my favorite things, right up there with cats- except that I don’t eat cats.  Actually, I don’t really eat chocolate now either, but I’ve never eaten cats.  After my type 1 diagnosis … Read more

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