Dear John Letter to a Beta Cell


Once you were I was we were
one. You
maybe instead
one of many
but we still were
One donut, whole no hole.


Now. Now.
You’ve gone and
apopted. T-cell
bitch moved in
brought friends and we
We. We.


No man something
something island.
I am not
a man
You. You left
my island
afloat a sea
toxic by your
own breath


I mow
the lawn on my own
I pay my own tab
I buy my own drinks
I make the bed
one side only.
(something something
little red hen)


Martin Luther King
had a dream little
white girl
this is my dream:
I hold it
against you
But I
am no mountain
Come back
to me
the sand
this small island


And leave me no more
you endocrine whore.

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Jessica Apple

It is amazing.  Very powerful.

Dr. Mariela Glandt


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