Easter Fun: Egg Chicks


Are you looking for an Easter activity that doesn’t involve eating candy?  Here’s a great way to use the leftover hard boiled eggs you don’t end up decorating, and get your kids to eat something healthy, too.

What you need:

hard boiled eggs – peeled
fennel seeds or black sesame seeds, 2 per egg for the “eyes”
thin carrot slices, cut into a small triangle for the “beak”

What to do:

1. Cut the hard boiled egg in half horizontally where the yolk is. If you’d like to stabilize the egg so it stands, carefully cut the bottom so it will stand flat.

2. Add 2 seeds for the eyes, and a piece of cut carrot for the beak.

Happy Easter!

Egg chicks idea and photo courtesy of Bell’alimento.

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