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For the past few months, ever since Glu started sending their Glu Question of the Day, Jess and I have our morning Glu moment where which ever one of us checks their e-mail first, and gets to the GlU question, asks the other the question with great drama.

For any of you who are not familiar with GLU, it’s a type 1 diabetes patients network designed to accelerate research and amplify the collective voice of the type 1 diabetes community. Glu is part of the T1D Exchange, a non-profit founded by the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust whose mission is to improve quality of life for people with type 1 diabetes by empowering them to engage with researchers, clinicians, and industry.

I signed up for Glu in December 2011, but I have to admit that I do not engage as often as I should.

Anyway, back to Glu’s Question of the Day. Some of the questions are serious, the kind that take more than a moment to answer like one of the two questions (?) sent on Oct. 2nd “How do you view your diagnosis?” – More of a subject for long blog, a good few sessions with a therapist, or maybe even a book. And some can be funny, especially if the person you’re asking doesn’t realize you’re talking about diabetes-related activities: “When was the last time you tried something new? What was it?” (sent Oct. 1st ). 

Yesterday morning at 5:30 a.m. I checked my messages before heading out to run (yes, I’m back to early morning running) and caught a glimpse at the day’s (Oct. 8th) question “Do you feel that diabetes has helped you appreciate each day more?”.  This, I thought, was a great subject for a blog, not something I would just want to answer in a sentence or two.  While I was running I thought about the Glu questions and I came up with the idea of blogging my answers, hoping others may do the same or comment on my answers, or head on over to Glu to answer the questions there.

I have decided to answer a few of Glu’s questions here every week or whenever a good question comes up. I’m still not sure about the format but I’ll start today by answering last weeks questions, or at least most of them.

Below are my answers to the Glu Question of the Day for the last six days:

Oct. 8th: Do you feel that diabetes has helped you appreciate each day more?

Here, is the short answer to this question: Yes.

My diabetes diagnosis, at age 32, made me appreciate my life, the things I have (like good healthcare) and especially my wonderful family – Jessica, Tom, Guy and Adam (Guy and Adam came after my diagnosis) – more than I did before.

My prospective on life changed and I feel more content than I did before. (This may also have to do with getting older).

My priorities also changed since diagnosis, Family and health come first.  I know I may not be here forever, and I almost left early. So yes, I do think I appreciate each day more because of diabetes. But I would also appreciate a cure.


Oct. 7th: Have you ever checked your blood sugar twice in a row to see if the numbers are different?

I do this often. Whenever the result is too high or too low and if I feel like something is off and the result is normal I wait a few minutes and try again.

Also, since I don’t have a CGM, when I wake up before I run I check twice in a row (waiting 20 minutes in between checks to see in which direction my blood sugar is heading).


Oct. 6th: Would you ever buy a backpack for your dog to carry your meter and low supplies?

No. I love my dog but she is very lazy. She is also old and doesn’t walk very far. But even if she were a little more active I don’t think I would have her carry my stuff.


Oct. 5th: What would be the first thing that you would do if you were cured from type 1?

The absolutely first thing, before eating the things I miss or running without a glucose meter would probably be to take out my infusion set and set myself free. Then I would probably check my blood sugar a few times to make sure it was true.  Somewhere in that process I would probably hug and kiss Jessica a few times.


Oct. 4th: Are you currently working in/or planning to go into a field related to diabetes?

I guess I am. ASweetLife is definitely a field related to diabetes.


Oct. 3rd: Have you ever spoken with someone who has had diabetes for over 50 years?

Maybe but not that I know of.

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10 years ago

Your answer to Oct 5th (what’s the first thing you’d do if you were cured) brought tears to my eyes. I would also rip out all this stupid crap (by which I mean life-saving and bettering technological equipment that I am very grateful for!) from my body, and I’d probably check my blood sugar about 40 times in an hour. There would definitely be some hugging and kissing of spouses. I don’t even think I’d go eat a high carb meal — it’d be amazing to just eat a bowl of cottage cheese and watch my blood sugar stay flat.… Read more »

Nathan Shackelford
10 years ago

I like this idea. I answer the questions every day or so. I think it’s a great way to collect info on the T1 life. I like sharing my opinions, so it’s the perfect quick interaction. Sadly, it’s mostly the only thing I do with GLU.

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