Spring To Launch Special Infusion Sets for Children with Diabetes


Since its recent commercial launch, the Spring Universal Infusion Set has been particularly well received by parents of children with type 1 diabetes. Specifically, the following features were highly favored: the automatic all-in-one inserter (which gives young patients the independence to do their own site changes), the lightning-fast needle insertion with automatic retraction (minimizing insertion sensation and reducing sharps injuries and fear-factor), and the detach-detect mechanism (allowing for a peace of mind, especially at night in case of cannula dislodging and subsequent insulin leaking at site).

 Following user feedback, Spring is planning to launch a special line of infusion sets for pediatric patients. Aside from the features found in all of its sets, the Spring Universal Pediatric will offer a 4.5mm cannula, 30cm tubing, and a multicolor inserter. Other features are currently being discussed in focus groups and Spring welcomes public feedback which can be submitted to info@springnow.com. The estimated product launch will coincide with the AADE conference in August of 2012, with a sneak-peak preview at the ADA Scientific Sessions in June.

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