Updates: Missing, Buried, Baking, and more…


Glucometer status: still missing.   Last seen neatly packed in a 4 x 5 inch zippered black case.  Answers to the name “Pricker.”  Reward for finding: free glucose reading!

For those of you who – like me – are fans of Kerri Morrone Sparling’s blog, Six Until Me, you’ll be happy to see this LA Times post about the screening of  the film “Buried” at Sundance 2010.  Kerri’s husband, Chris Sparling, wrote the screenplay for “Buried,” which stars Ryan Reynolds.

Mike Makes Muffins!  Mike has been trying to create the perfect pre-exercise muffins for diabetics.  He needs something with enough carb to get him through a long run, but nothing that will make his blood sugar go up too quickly.  As of this morning it looked like he had made muffins that do not cause a blood sugar spike.  Unfortunately, they aren’t the tastiest.  When he gets it right, we’ll share the recipe.

In family news:  Guy lost his first tooth.  Adam pulled himself up to stand.  And the dog threw up on her fancy futon mattress.  Guess who cleaned it?

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13 years ago

I love Jessica’s blogs and her pictures.

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