• Snowboarding With An Artificial Pancreas

    Snowboarding With An Artificial Pancreas

    by: Robin Cacopardo | Feb 25, 2016
    Type Zero Technologies' chief mathematician, Dr. Boris Kovatchev, reached out to Riding on Insulin to gauge interest in being part of a groundbreaking...
  • Chris_T1D Exposed 2016

    T1D Exposed: The Story Behind the Calendar

    by: Molly Johannes | Dec 31, 2015
    It's about acknowledging the struggle and changes to your life and body while celebrating your existence and abilities. The calendar reminds us to practice...
  • When a non diabetic uses a CGM - home

    When a Non-Diabetic a Wears A CGM

    by: Christopher Donnelly | Sep 29, 2015
    In the midst of all this fear and anxiety brought on by excess knowledge about my blood sugars, I began to speculate that a...
  • Parenting with Diabetes

    Does Diabetes Interfere With Your Parenting?

    by: Melissa Lee | Mar 31, 2015
    My five-year-old daughter thinks diabetes is something she will have when she’s a mom. Like me, she’ll write stories, have brown hair, have two...
  • Baking with Low Carb Flours Alternatives

    Baking With Low Carb Flour Alternatives

    by: Carolyn Ketchum | Feb 26, 2015
    I stick with the real, whole food low carb flour alternatives like almond flour and coconut flour. It may be hard to believe now,...
  • Low Carb Baking 101: Stocking Your Pantry

    Low Carb Baking 101: Stocking Your Pantry

    by: Carolyn Ketchum | Jan 29, 2015
    Get yourself some almond flour and coconut flour, as these will be the most commonly used flours. If you can’t do nuts, sunflower seed...
  • My Purse Has Diabetes, Too.

    My Purse Has Diabetes, Too

    by: Jacquie Wojcik | Sep 30, 2014
    During my senior year in high school, I once made the tragic mistake of leaving my purse on my car while I drove out...
  • CakeAndPizza_wBorder

    5 Truths All People With Diabetes Know

    by: Jacquie Wojcik | Aug 26, 2014
    People who don’t know much about diabetes (and who like to get all up in other people’s business) might express their concern about the...
  • Animas Vibe

    Stop Competitive Bidding for Insulin Pumps

    by: Catherine Price | Mar 27, 2014
    We in the diabetes community need to speak out to argue that a. insulin pumps should be removed from competitive bidding and b. that...
  • IAmADiabetic

    The Best Diabetes Articles of 2013

    by: Jessica Apple | Dec 26, 2013
    As 2013 comes to an end, we're taking a look back at our best diabetes articles of the year. From science and technology...
  • iStock_Mushroom1

    Mad About Mushrooms

    by: Jessica Apple | Nov 27, 2013
    Now as an adult – a diabetic adult – I’ve come to appreciate mushrooms not for their real estate potential, taste, texture, aura of...
  • Glucagon

    Why Everyone is Talking About Glucagon

    by: Karmel Allison | Jul 25, 2013
    In anticipation of stable, liquid glucagon, one of the newest entrants into the insulin pump space, Tandem Diabetes Care has jumped ahead of the...
  • Listening to Patients

    The Two Words Patients Most Want to Hear

    by: Michelle Sorensen | Jun 25, 2013
    I have a confession to make. Sometimes I am not completely honest with my health care professionals. I am not proud of this. I...
  • FastFood-home

    Laying Blame: Why Do People Get Diabetes?

    by: Alex O’Meara | Jun 12, 2012
    People get diabetes because they’re fat. They get diabetes because they don’t exercise. They get it because they’re lazy and they lack discipline in...
  • FrozenWaffles

    What’s For Breakfast in America?

    by: Riva Greenberg | Apr 28, 2011
    I was steamed at the disparity between the barrage of media messages and government food guidelines to eat healthfully and how we make it...
  • FreshJuiceBottles2

    Don’t Drink Your Carbs

    by: Susan B. Dopart | Sep 30, 2010
    For many people juice equals fruit, so drinking juice would seem like a healthy choice. They are surprised to find that drinking juice is...
  • iStock_Beer

    My Father’s Last Beer

    by: Max Apple | Aug 30, 2010
    ...these were men who knew about hard things, Spike in World War II, Charlie in World War I, my dad as an immigrant slipping...
  • Matzohs-home

    The Matzah Review

    by: Becca Kantor | Mar 30, 2010
    Standing in the kosher aisle of my local supermarket, I was confronted by more varieties of matzah than I (as a person who has...
  • Dr. Oz1

    Dr. Oz, How Did You Get It So Wrong?

    by: Riva Greenberg | Feb 25, 2010
    Oh, Dr. Oz, what has happened that you are adding to the myths of diabetes? For you to say, "Type 1 is also called...
  • lg_cocacola_can1

    Soda Wars: Regular vs. Diet

    by: Oliver Miller | Jan 26, 2010
    I love the fact that Coke-Cola has managed to tie itself into the concept of “America,” and waving flags, and the 4th of July,...
  • iStock_Diabetes as referred pain 1

    Diabetes As Referred Pain

    by: Meredith Resnick | Dec 27, 2009
    It turned out, as well as being unable to control her blood sugar on a consistent basis, her blood sugar monitoring became unwieldy. Over...
  • iStock_Couple1

    The Search For A Sweet Solution

    by: Jessica Apple | Oct 27, 2009
    Facing Mike’s autoimmune disease, I found myself wishing once again for something that could be overcome. The body attacking itself, although I now understood...
  • Insulin

    The Science of Diabetes: An Introduction

    by: Robert Scheinman | Sep 21, 2009
    Know yourself, know your diabetes. A biologist explains how understanding the nature of diabetes will lead to better management of the disease... Read more-->

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