Why We Don’t Need A Soda Ban

by: Leo Brown
Convincing the public to drink less soda has already proven effective. Consumption of soda has declined precipitously over the last nine years. It’s no... Read more

Tips for Traveling with Diabetes

by: Susan Weiner and Leslie Josel
If you plan to travel abroad, have all your medical information converted to the language of the country you are planning to visit. Carry... Read more


  • IAmADiabetic

    The Best Diabetes Articles of 2013

    by: Jessica Apple | Dec 26, 2013
    As 2013 comes to an end, we're taking a look back at our best diabetes articles of the year. From science and technology...
  • iStock_Mushroom1

    Mad About Mushrooms

    by: Jessica Apple | Nov 27, 2013
    Now as an adult – a diabetic adult – I’ve come to appreciate mushrooms not for their real estate potential, taste, texture, aura of...
  • Glucagon

    Why Everyone is Talking About Glucagon

    by: Karmel Allison | Jul 25, 2013
    In anticipation of stable, liquid glucagon, one of the newest entrants into the insulin pump space, Tandem Diabetes Care has jumped ahead of the...
  • Listening to Patients

    The Two Words Patients Most Want to Hear

    by: Michelle Sorensen | Jun 25, 2013
    I have a confession to make. Sometimes I am not completely honest with my health care professionals. I am not proud of this. I...
  • FastFood-home

    Laying Blame: Why Do People Get Diabetes?

    by: Alex O’Meara | Jun 12, 2012
    People get diabetes because they’re fat. They get diabetes because they don’t exercise. They get it because they’re lazy and they lack discipline in...
  • FrozenWaffles

    What’s For Breakfast in America?

    by: Riva Greenberg | Apr 28, 2011
    I was steamed at the disparity between the barrage of media messages and government food guidelines to eat healthfully and how we make it...
  • CandyStore

    The Conundrum of Control

    by: Meredith Resnick | Mar 31, 2011
    Diabetic or not, no one is an expert about your life except you...
  • Halloween pumkin in the garden

    Halloween Wasn’t Always About Candy

    by: Samira Kawash | Oct 28, 2010
    Before the 1940s when trick-or-treating spread across the land, candy didn't have any special role to play in Halloween observance...
  • FreshJuiceBottles2

    Don’t Drink Your Carbs

    by: Susan B. Dopart | Sep 30, 2010
    For many people juice equals fruit, so drinking juice would seem like a healthy choice. They are surprised to find that drinking juice is...
  • iStock_Beer

    My Father’s Last Beer

    by: Max Apple | Aug 30, 2010
    ...these were men who knew about hard things, Spike in World War II, Charlie in World War I, my dad as an immigrant slipping...
  • Matzohs-home

    The Matzah Review

    by: Becca Kantor | Mar 30, 2010
    Standing in the kosher aisle of my local supermarket, I was confronted by more varieties of matzah than I (as a person who has...
  • Dr. Oz1

    Dr. Oz, How Did You Get It So Wrong?

    by: Riva Greenberg | Feb 25, 2010
    Oh, Dr. Oz, what has happened that you are adding to the myths of diabetes? For you to say, "Type 1 is also called...
  • lg_cocacola_can1

    Soda Wars: Regular vs. Diet

    by: Oliver Miller | Jan 26, 2010
    I love the fact that Coke-Cola has managed to tie itself into the concept of “America,” and waving flags, and the 4th of July,...
  • iStock_Diabetes as referred pain 1

    Diabetes As Referred Pain

    by: Meredith Resnick | Dec 27, 2009
    It turned out, as well as being unable to control her blood sugar on a consistent basis, her blood sugar monitoring became unwieldy. Over...
  • iStock_Couple1

    The Search For A Sweet Solution

    by: Jessica Apple | Oct 27, 2009
    Facing Mike’s autoimmune disease, I found myself wishing once again for something that could be overcome. The body attacking itself, although I now understood...
  • iStock_Insulin

    The Science of Diabetes: An Introduction

    by: Robert Scheinman | Sep 21, 2009
    Know yourself, know your diabetes. A biologist explains how understanding the nature of diabetes will lead to better management of the disease...

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