About Us

Welcome to ASweetLife, a nonprofit low carb diabetes magazine! ASweetLife is a program of Diabetes Media Foundation, an organization devoted to helping people with diabetes live well.

At ASweetLife, we know that diabetes is a very serious and frightening disease, but we also know that life with diabetes can be normal. It can even be sweet. Rather than think about diabetes in the negative sense of an illness, we prefer to think of it as our lifestyle.

We are determined to be healthy people with diabetes, and we believe we are succeeding by keeping carbohydrates to a minimum. We hope that the information we provide through this site will help you do the same.

It’s impossible not to address the risks and complications that people with diabetes face, and we will deal with them here. But the better you care for yourself, the fewer those complications will be. In fact, for some people with Type 2 diabetes, diet and exercise are all the treatment you need. For those of us who are stuck with insulin and other medications, we invite you to join us in trying to make it as painless as possible. Diabetes won’t ever be fun, but controlling it can be satisfying. It can actually make you feel great.

For those of you without diabetes, here’s a tip: a balanced, natural, low carb diet like the one we follow is good for almost everyone. So please come take a look at our recipes, follow our site, and treat yourselves to a healthy lifestyle.

If you’d like to support our work, please donate here. We are extremely grateful for your donations.

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