The Children of People with Diabetes

Children of People with Diabetes
Two years ago, my husband Mike began to feel unsteady as he walked with Tom, our oldest son, to an appointment. Mike wasn't quite walking in a straight line, and he was sweating. Tom noticed and asked Mike if he was okay. "Yes," Mike said. "I just need to get some food." Mike was looking for a store, somewhere he could buy something - anything - to put into his mouth. He knew his blood sugar... Read more

Diabetes and Cancer: Can Metformin Treat Both?

Diabetes and Cancer- Metformin
The association between diabetes and cancer was first noted over 100 years ago, but physicians have become increasingly aware of this association only in the last few years as recent studies have demonstrated that having diabetes increases the risk of almost all types of cancer. The risk of pancreatic, liver, and endometrial cancer is approximately twice that of the non-diabetic population. Some studies have reported a similar increase in the risk of bladder cancer and in cancers of... Read more

Proving the Hygiene Hypothesis?

HygieneHpothesis - Child in Mud
The hygiene hypothesis sounds plausible, especially in light of studies that have found increasing rates of diseases like type 1 diabetes in developed and developing countries... Read more

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