10 favorite photos from 2011, a thankful post


My biggest worry when I was initially diagnosed with diabetes in 1999 was that I wouldn’t be able to travel as freely as I had hoped. 

So when I built a year-end photo album of my 10 favorite shots from 2011 for my new photography Facebook page, I had a ping of appreciation for the fact that despite 12 years with the disease, I’ve been able to travel all over the world, largely on my own, and see some amazing places. I know other bloggers on this site have had similar experiences.

I rarely count my diabetes-related blessings, but every now and then it’s worth appreciating what good fortune we have to have been diagnosed in a time where it doesn’t get in our way from doing the things we want to do, even if it’s as outlandish as spending four days in North Korea. We are also lucky to be from places where treating the disease is even a possibility.  Living in Asia, I see plenty of communities where the costs of treating diabetes are entirely prohibitive, making the disease a very different experience.

Despite the many low reactions, the nights spent way too high, and the days that bounce from one extreme to the other, it’s been a pretty good year.  I hope the same has been true for you and hope we all have many new adventures in 2012.

For more of my favorite travel photos from 2011, please have a look here




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Deborah Kanter
11 years ago

Wonderful photos. And the recognition of your 12 healthy, productive years. 
When I was diagnosed, one of my big fears was how diabetes would curtail my travels. In fact one of the things that drew me to asweetlife.org was the many bloggers who did travel & managed their health. With these examples, more knowledge & experience, travel is certainly possible for me.

Jeff Nobles
Jeff N.
11 years ago

Beautiful and inspiring photos and word, Sam. Thanks for sharing them with this old T1 and with everyone else.

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