Cuddle Up this Valentine’s Day with a Corala Weighted Blanket

Corala Weighted Blanket

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The Corala weighted blanket is as beautiful as the online photos suggest. Coral is striking without seeming garish and it would go well with almost any color scheme. But I only had a few minutes to enjoy the beauty while taking it out of the box since the first act of ownership involves putting the blanket into a cover. The blanket comes with two covers, one for cold weather and the other for warm weather. Both covers are cotton and are in shades of gray. 

Putting the blanket into the duvet cover requires tying it into place within the cover. The instructions are accurate and easy to follow but because the blanket weighs 20 pounds and you have to tie all four corners it’s probably a two-person job for most. Once in place on the bed I looked forward to seeing how it felt to be covered in small glass beads sewn into this beautiful object. Marta, the person who was helping me tie it in place, is an elderly woman from Latin America. She insisted that it was a mattress topper not a blanket.

“I”ll try it,” I said. I took off my shoes and crawled under.

“Wrong,” she told me in Spanish. I don’t think she believed the beads were made of glass and I had no way to prove it since she wouldn’t look at the descriptive brochure. She insisted I should lay on top of it and then cover myself with a regular blanket. To humor her I tried it. Lying on top of it is not bad, kind of like sleeping on a massager with dead batteries. But, once my friend left I placed myself beneath the glass beads. It was midafternoon and I had no time for a nap but I gave myself a few minutes to experience this novel sensation- and it is novel. The blanket not only weighs you down it does so in a form fitting way.

Corala Weighted Blanket

I didn’t plan to stay under the blanket too long but I did spend about 20 minutes rather than the five I was anticipating. The blanket envelopes you in a very pleasant way. It’s easy to compare it to a hug, but I found it better since many hugs are extended by people you wish would leave you to your own personal space. The glass beads are neutral they’re not trying to make you feel appreciated. If I had more time I might have enjoyed a nap. Reluctantly, I pushed the weight away and began to anticipate the real test – bedtime.

My wife and I are small enough to sleep untouched in a double bed and old enough to get out of bed to use the bathroom most nights. Getting out of bed is not easy. First because you are so comfortable in the warm embrace of the beads and second because it’s difficult to push the weight off. But it’s a manageable problem and probably worth it for the quick return to embraced slumber.

In spite of the weight each of us managed to pull the blanket from the other during the night. We did this a few times the first night but still believed it was an excellent blanket. Perhaps because we were better at not pulling it from each other the second night we experienced the heat of 20 pounds of glass beads. In some circumstances it probably could replace an electric blanket. In our 70° bedroom it felt too warm but when you exert the effort to push it off, it’s too cold. This could be a good solution for anyone looking to save energy and lower the temperature in the house.

Overall, the weight is a great comfort and will almost certainly lead many to better sleep.

Special 50% off discount code for ASweetLife’s Readers, VDAY50%  

Disclosure: The author received a blanket from the manufacturer for review. Opinions belong to the author.

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