The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for People with Diabetes

Sponsored by Diathrive

From practical and useful everyday gifts to more luxurious items, there’s something for everyone in our 2018 holiday gift guide for people with diabetes. For starters, how about giving the gift of wellness with Diathrive’s affordable testing supply subscriptions?


Diathrive provides high-quality, FDA-approved supplies with transparent pricing, free home delivery, and world-class customer service. Best of all, no insurance or prescription is required with a 100% money-back guarantee! With Diathrive, you’ll always know what you’re getting and how much it costs.

Subscriptions renew every three months and deliver enough supplies for three months of testing. Want to save even more? Order an annual plan to care for the PWDs in your life for an entire year!

If you’re looking for other great holiday gifts for people with diabetes, check out the list below, which includes everything from diabetes bags to chocolate to biodegradable toothbrushes. We hope you find the perfect present for your loved one with diabetes.

Happy Holidays!

GrifGrips:  These happy patches help keep diabetes devices stuck! With the help of several NASA engineers, GrifGrips developed a way to keep tech secure for PWD. And the patches are attractive as well!

Myabetic’s Banting Diabetes Wallet: No more stuffing insulin pens into a small case cluttered with supplies. Myabetic’s sleek diabetes supply wallet has plenty of room and even a detachable waste pouch for test strips.

This bag conatains my pancreas bagThis Bag Contains My Pancreas: This hilarious bag is perfect for carrying around your pancreas. :-) 

Sugar Medical’s Insulated Sling Backpack. A nice option for the guys, this compact insulated sling backpack is designed to hold all daily diabetes essentials.

Exercise Bands This pack of five bands with five levels of resistance makes it easy customizing the intensity of any workout. 

FitBit Charge 3Fit Bit Charge 3: This advanced fitness tracker uses 24/7 heart rate and personalized insights to reveal information about your health. (For kids, check out the FitBit Ace.)

A Day In the Life T-Shirt: the story of a high carb day with diabetes, as expressed by emojis.

Sugar Free T-Shirt: A perfect gift for the low-carber in your life.

Diabetes Sports Socks: These socks are constructed with yarns and comfort features that help reduce foot irritation and pressure on the legs.  

12 Keto Soft Chewy Cinnamon Rolls: Yum! These are cinnamon rolls are low carb, gluten free, grain free, sugar free, and keto friendly.

Custom Cheese Box from Zingerman’s Deli. Choose your own cheese and create a satisfying low carb gift!

Spice House: gift boxes: So many spices to choose from… Perhaps turmeric would make a good choice.

Tea Sampler Gift Box : A perfect gift for the winter, the 48 tea bags in this set have something for every mood.

Sugar Free Choc Zero: This keto almond bark is sweetened with monk fruit, and contains no sugar alcohols and no artificial sweeteners.

LaviorLavior is an all natural diabetes skin care gel made with medical botanicals that provides relief to dry or injured skin, and promotes healing.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrushes: Maintaining good oral health is an important part of diabetes care, and these toothbrushes are good for your teeth and the environment.


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