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Keto baking has never been easier or more delicious! We are delighted to announce the release of ASweetLife’s guide to everything muffin: Sweet & Savory Keto Muffins: Delicious Low Carb Muffins for Every Occasion.

With exclusive recipes developed by celebrated keto cookbook author Carolyn Ketchum—a self-professed lifelong “muffin fanatic”—ASweetLife’s collection of Keto Muffins isn’t one of those books with a long list of ingredients and challenging techniques. Carolyn has been perfecting the art of keto baking for years, and offers 23 recipes that can be prepared quickly and easily using the low-carb flours and sweeteners that you have in your pantry. It’s not often that you know a keto recipe will taste just as good as, or even better than, the traditional version, but not every muffin recipe has such reliable chef at the helm. Our recipes are illustrated with good photos and have complete nutritional information included.

Low Carb Muffins CookbookFrom the fluffiest blueberry and coconut muffins to savory cheddar-jalapeño and cornbread, our muffins run the gamut from sweet to salty, breakfast to dinner, and everything in between. Muffins are individually portioned, perfectly portable, and hit the spot at any time of day. Have one muffin fresh out of the oven with hot butter, and take another on the run for an easy homemade snack.

During these strange times, with so many of us stuck at home and so many restaurants shuttered, people are baking more than they ever have. Yeast and flour and sugar can still be hard to find on grocery store shelves! It’s heartening to see so many people roll up their sleeves in the kitchen, but did we really have to prioritize the simple starches that are so bad for our blood sugar? Traditional baking ingredients, highly refined by industrial processes and so diligently stripped of fiber and nutrients, are just about the worst thing for glucose spikes and for insulin resistance, the underlying condition driving the modern obesity and diabetes epidemics.

Baking at home is awesome—it tastes great, it fills the house with amazing smells, and it’s so satisfying. But if you’re going to bake, shouldn’t you be baking food that’s not going to send your blood sugars spiraling out of control?

This low-carb muffin bible is available for Kindle for just 99 cents.

How to Eat During Covid 19100% of profits will support Diabetes Media Foundation (DMF), the nonprofit organization that this website., the low carb diabetes magazine, has been helping people with diabetes live well since 2009!

Want to learn more about the keto diet principles and how they can quickly improve your metabolic health? Check out Dr. Mariela Glandt’s newly released ebook, How to Eat in the Time of Covid-19

Jessica Apple
Jessica Apple

Jessica Apple grew up in Houston. She studied Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the University of Michigan, and completed an MA in the same field at the Hebrew University. She began to write and publish short stories while a student, and continues to write essays and fiction while raising her three sons (and many pets). Jessica’s work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Financial Times Magazine, The Southern Review, The Bellevue Literary Review, Tablet Magazine, and elsewhere. She is the diabetes correspondent for The Faster Times. In 2009 she and her husband, both type 1 diabetics, founded A Sweet Life, where she serves as editor-in-chief. Jessica loves spending time with her sons, cooking with her husband, playing with her cats, reading, biking, drinking coffee, and whenever possible, taking a nap. Follow Jessica on Twitter (@jessapple)

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