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Personalizing Diabetes Care: An Interview with Dr. Mariela Glandt

Rather than telling patients they’re wrong, I try to give them the tools to make good decisions about their health. Guilt is not a motivator. And we tend to overlook baby steps. It’s not realistic to tell a patient to change their entire diet overnight. But asking a patient to cut out one thing, sodas, for example, can make a big impact on overall health.

First Person with Type 1 Diabetes Receives Experimental Encapsulated Cell Therapy

JDRF announced that JDRF-funded partner, ViaCyte, Inc. has for the first time ever implanted a person with type 1 diabetes with an experimental encapsulated cell therapy product candidate, called VC-01, which is being developed for the treatment of type 1 diabetes. This individual, and others to follow, is participating in a trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the VC-01 product candidate, a potential replacement source of insulin-producing cells.

Why Everyone is Talking About Glucagon

In anticipation of stable, liquid glucagon, one of the newest entrants into the insulin pump space, Tandem Diabetes Care has jumped ahead of the crowd and created a two-chamber infusion pump capable of holding and injecting both insulin and a secondary hormone, which they expect will be glucagon. This tandem Tandem pump is already being tested in Dr. Ed Damiano's clinical trial of a dual-hormone bionic pancreas.