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Virtual Endocrinologist

Would You See a Virtual Endocrinologist?

Visits to the endocrinologist can be frustrating. Simply getting to the office can be very time-consuming (mine is one hour from my home, and I’m…

Lifebringer: This New Diabetes App is a Virtual Caregiver

Lifebringer is a free, interactive web-based app for type 1 and 2 diabetics, as well as newly diagnosed diabetics, that goes beyond simply tracking blood sugars and organizing numbers input users. It also uses Meehan’s program, called Nagbot, to interact with the user. Nagbot sends encouraging emails to the user over their computer, tablet, or mobile device reminding them to test, or letting them know how they’re doing, and suggesting ways to improve their health. Nagbot, in other words, acts as a helpful companion.
Patient Partner Screens

Patient Partner: Choosing a Way to Better Health

Akhila Satish, a public health advocate who has earned a master’s degree in biotechnology and built a company before hitting her quarter-life crisis, sees a way to a healthier society. She has built Patient Partner, a mobile app based on a series of multiple-choice questions. It’s structured like a choose your own adventure game.
Medivisor - Screen Shot

Medivizor Sends You and Your Doctor Personalized Health Information

Medivizor is a new and unique online health information service that personalizes health information for patients, caregivers and medical professionals, and sends it to you via email. The service is free and the information is specific and relevant to your condition, situation, needs and interests.
Diabesties Logo

Diabesties: An App That Connects People With Diabetes

My diabesties, as we began to call ourselves, were also struggling to manage diabetes in college. The three of us agreed that it was time to take responsibility and to hold each other and ourselves accountable for living healthy lives with diabetes. There was no reason for us to spend so much time feeling guilty, tired, frustrated, and sick.
College Diabetes Network Logo

‘Diabesties’, CDN’s New App, available in Apple App Store

The College Diabetes Network (CDN) in partnership with Ayogo is pleased to announce the release of its Diabesties app for iPhone. "Diabesties" harnesses the power of social accountability and engagement to benefit people living with diabetes.
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Boehringer and Lilly Introduce Online Program for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes

Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company have announced the availability of My Well Planner, a new online program offering customized educational content to help adults with type 2 diabetes make simple lifestyle changes to improve their health. My Well Planner is designed to address the emotional barriers people with type 2 diabetes face every day.