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My Celiac Diagnosis: As If Diabetes Wasn't Enough

My Celiac Diagnosis: As If Diabetes Wasn’t Enough

And while my options for eating out at restaurants are more limited, my tendency for self-pity is not. All it takes is a stroll past a person enjoying a sandwich or a normal beer, and I spiral into an irrational mixture of despair, rage and hunger.

Got Type 1 Diabetes? Get Screened for Celiac Disease

Are you between the ages of 8-45 years? If you are then you might be eligible to participate in a research study to find out how often individuals with Type 1 diabetes test positive for celiac disease even though they don’t have symptoms.

Should I Screen My Child for Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease?

Many parents I know with diabetes themselves, or who have one child with diabetes, occasionally check the blood sugar level of a particularly thirsty non-diabetic toddler or a seems-sleepier-than-usual non-diabetic sibling. But there is no palm reading for as-of-yet unpricked fingers. I can’t sit around worrying for what may or may not happen. I am sure I will see the symptoms if they appear. I’m sure I’m equipped to handle a diagnosis. Why put myself or my kid through unnecessary worry, stress, or pain?
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Finally, FDA Sets Guidelines for Gluten Free Labeling

My four year old son was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and possible Celiac disease when he was 18 months old. In a matter of a few weeks his weight dropped from 25 to 19 pounds, putting him at the weight of an average 8 month old baby.

Eating and Thriving on a Restricted Diet

I was forced to innovate and try new things that I never would have considered eating -- boiled taro root, cassava, kale, collard greens, amaranth, and virtually any sort of meat, including once, kangaroo...