16 Low Sugar Fruits to Eat on a Low Carb Diet


Are you on a low carb diet? If so, you’ve probably been told by well-meaning family members, friends, and all of your health care professionals, that you need to eat a lot of fruit, and that fruit is an essential part of a healthy diet.

It’s true, fruit does contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber, all of which may be good for you. The problem is that most fruit is also packed with sugar. So, if you’re on a low carb diet, an apple – which may seem like an ideal, natural, whole food snack – can actually contain a whole day’s worth of carbs. 

The good news is that you can get plenty of vitamins and minerals from low carb vegetables like leafy greens and peppers. And when you’re in the mood for some sweetness, try one of these low carb fruit options, which may satisfy your craving without making your blood sugar soar.

The following fruits have fewer than 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

  1. Avocados 0.66
  2. Lemons 2.50
  3. Carambolas (Starfruit) 3.98
  4. Raspberries 4.42
  5. Blackberries 4.88
  6. Strawberries 4.89
  7. Watermelon 6.20
  8. Cantaloupe 7.86
  9. Honeydew melon 8.12
  10. Peaches 8.39
  11. Sour cherries 8.49
  12. Kiwis 8.99
  13. Clementines 9.18
  14. Apricots 9.24
  15. Plums 9.92
  16. Blueberries 9.96

Source: USDA Food Composition Databases

15 Low Sugar Fruits to Eat on a Low Carb Diet


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