21 Incredible Keto Lasagna Recipes 


Lasagna is almost a perfect low-carb food. Layers and layers of delicious slow-cooked meats, gooey cheeses, toothsome veggies: there’s just that little (big) problem of the pasta. 

Have no fear: the geniuses of the low-carb and keto recipe blogosphere have devoted years of experimentation to making the best possible keto lasagna. There are now tons of options for low-carb lasagnas, many using creative and delicious substitutes for those flat starchy noodles. You can make your own low-carb “noodles” using cauliflower or Fathead dough or store-bought cheesy wraps. You can drape thin zucchini or cabbage between filling layers. You can even layer meat within the meat, using a “meatza” dough. These clever changes to the classic recipe aren’t just healthier – they bring more flavor to the mix than a slab of white flour ever could. 

A lasagna is a glorious complete meal for the whole family, all luxuriously arranged in a single dish. We’ve curated a list of our favorite keto lasagna recipes: enjoy!


Zucchini lasagna (low carb & keto) from Detoxinista

Zucchini lasagna with Italian Sausage from Honeybunch Hunts

Grilled zucchini lasagna from ASweetLife

Low carb keto lasagna (with cheese dough noodles) from Kirbie’s Cravings

Easy keto lasagna bake from HeyKetoMama

Cabbage lasagna from Sugar Free Mom

Eggplant lasagna with meat sauce from Peace, Love, and Low Carb

Low carb lasagna stuffed peppers from Peace, Love, and Low Carb

Vegetarian keto lasagna from Low Carb Maven 

3 cheese chicken and cauliflower lasagna from Taste.com.au

Keto ground beef cauliflower lasagna from Wholesome Yum

Cauliflower Noodles Lasagna from Kirbie’s Cravings

Spaghetti squash keto lasagna casserole from Ruled.me

Keto spinach and ricotta lasagna (meat-free) from Aussie Keto Queen

No noodle keto lasagna with spinach and meat from Low Carb Yum

Pumpkin lasagna with spinach and meatza from Low Carb Yum

Keto fathead lasagna from Hip2Keto

Low Carb No Noodle Lasagna with Sausage and Basil from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Keto low carb bacon & mushroom lasagna from Queen Keto

Easy keto lasagna stuffed portobellos from I Breathe I’m Hungry

Cast iron keto lasagna from Keto Connect

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