50 Shades of Diabetes


Don’t let the title mislead you… this is not an erotic novel where syringe and vial discover their passion for one another.  50 Shade of Diabetes is how one reviewer described Perter Arpesella’s new novel, Good Like This.  The book, he says, demonstrates “what it actually feels like to have diabetes, in a way that non-diabetics can understand, and in a way that diabetics relate to.”

The story, however, is much more than just diabetes.  It’s a narrative about an affluent New York City urban family with secrets.

Paul, an ambitious investment banker, and Candice, his successful artist wife, have been venturing into the gray areas of monogamy. During a high-end passionate escapade, Paul discovers that Candice has been a closet drug addict for the better part of their relationship. Candice defends herself defiantly and challenges an unwilling Paul to confront his diabetes denial.

On the verge of losing his life and the trust of his beloved daughter, with their marriage in shambles, Paul receives the professional offer of a lifetime, something that will catapult him into a life of wealth and power he could only have dreamed of. Paul needs a revelation and joins a cutting edge research project on the effects of stress, led by an unconventional, charismatic researcher. He soon discovers that there isn’t much of a difference between an addict, like his wife, and one who chooses to poorly manage a health condition, like type one diabetes.

About the author: Peter Arpesella is an actor and award winning writer, originally from Rimini, Italy. His family owned the historical Grand Hotel, where family friend, Federico Fellini, set his award winning “Amarcord”. 
When he discovered that storytelling is a lot more fun than investment banking, Peter moved to the States to work as an actor and writer. Peter’s voice can be heard in the English version of the Oscar winning film “Life Is Beautiful,” and in Dreamworks Animation “Madagascar 3,” among others. He can be seen in the box office comedy hit “This Like A Man” and on the award winning TV show “Mad Men.” 
Peter’s novel GOOD LIKE THIS is based on one of his screenplays that won the Special Jury Prize at the New York International Film Festival.
He’s involved in several philanthropic activities, loves a good laugh, and lives in Los Angeles with his actress/writer wife, Annie Wood, and their dog-ter, Lucy.
Find out more at peterarpesella.com

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