8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids with Diabetes


Looking for that special something for the little kids in your life who aren’t making their own insulin? Never fear! We’ve got you covered with these 8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids with Diabetes.

This Bag Contains my Pancreas: It’s the G-rated version of the “all my diabetes sh!t” bag from our gift guide for adults. Help your favorite little PWD carry their supplies in style with this handy little case that makes no mystery about its contents.

I Heart Guts Pancreas: Ever want to give your pancreas a little hug? Maybe a squeeze, or perhaps kick it across the room? The team over at I Heart Guts has a soft, cuddly version of your kid’s busted pancreas, and it’s adorable. Give it a snuggle. Or punch it. Either way, this plush panc is a win.

Holiday GrifGrips: Jazz up your child’s diabetes devices with colorful and festive-as-can-be GrifGrips! These bright and cheery patches make a kid’s diabetes gear a little less medical and a lot more personalized. (And there are more than just Christmas cookie cut outs – you can grab a dolphin, a Batman symbol, and a bunch of other fun designs.)

PumpPeelz: Yay for decorating more of our devices to increase their fun factor! PumpPeelz are decals shaped to perfectly fit your Tandem, Animas, Medtronic, Dexcom, or Omnipod devices. They have holiday patterns and an assortment of other options that make diabetes devices less boring. A perfect stocking stuffer for your little PWDs.

Myabetic Kids Cases: Myabetic makes some of the cutest diabetes supply carrying cases that any kid – or kid at heart – will love. The cases are made with high-quality vegan leather and feature playful, fun designs that will make your kiddo grin. From dinosaurs to lovebugs, Myabetic has pint-sized PWD covered.

Jerry the Bear: Jerry the Bear has had an upgrade! He’s soft, bright-eyed, and ready for hugs, and will also teach your young PWD padawans about diabetes through storytelling and hands-on learning. The free app helps Jerry show kids the basics of diabetes and also lets them check his blood sugar, dose his insulin, and choose his foods. If your child has diabetes, Jerry is their partner in crime.

Diabetesasaurus: Maybe some day diabetes will be extinct? I dino, but until then, your little one can enjoy the amped up cute factor of this t-shirt. (Also available in adult sizes. As it should be. Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures.)

Glucolift Glucose Tabs: Do your kids with diabetes complain about how gross glucose tabs are? Try the glucose tabs from Glucolift, which aren’t chalky or nasty and they fix lows like whoa. Pick from orange cream, cherry, wildberry, or order a mix of all three.

Happy Holidays to you and the little PWDs in your life, and if you have gift ideas that we haven’t listed here, please share them in the comments section!

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5 years ago

Why do we have to buy diabetes-related gifts for diabetics? Personally, I would enjoy a nice thoughtful gift compared to someone just buying something for my disease.

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