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Vitamania - Book Cover

Are Vitamins Good for Us?

Catherine Price’s Vitamania confronts us health-conscious readers with one of our most deeply embedded cultural beliefs: that vitamins are good for us. We all know, or think we know, that vitamins are central to a healthy diet. We look for them in foods,…

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New Year's

Checking in on New Year’s Resolutions

...keeping this resolution regarding effort and results has had a bonus effect of improving how I deal with my diabetes. As many people, such as my colleague Catherine Price, often point out diabetes is not a condition that follows a logical path of cause equa…

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Because I Am a Diabetic, I am Not a Fan of Food article by’s own Catherine Price about how a juicer changed her life. I read it and thought it would be a good way to get some badly needed fruits and vegetables that my diet is bereft of due to my lack of enthusiasm for eating. Aft…

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The Best Diabetes Articles of 2013

...You Should Worry About the Accuracy of Your Glucose Test Strips by Catherine Price there is currently no system in place in the United States to ensure that test strips and meters continue to achieve this level of accuracy once the FDA has cleared the meter…

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Raise Your Pants Raise Awareness

Raise Your Pants, Raise Diabetes Awareness

Happy Diabetes Awareness Month! Mike and I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Novo Nordisk to create a video about diabetes. I’m very grateful to Novo Nordisk for playing along with my silly side and to Catherine Price for her stellar intervie…

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The Health of My Whole Person

...I put off when I’m under pressure from teaching responsibilities and what Catherine Price calls “that loaded backpack we carry through our days” — the constant responsibility of a life with Type 1 diabetes. From September to May, my …

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Omnipod Test

10 Best Diabetes Stories of 2012

...increasing rates of diseases like type 1 diabetes in developed and developing countries. However, proving the hygiene hypothesis or finding the mechanisms by which it might operate has been very difficult. Faustman Lab Research: How Excited Should You Be? b…

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