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The Best Diabetes Articles of 2013

...Platinum and Medtronic Minimed by Karmel Allison When I originally chose the Minimed, one of the biggest deciding factors was that I was already wearing a pump, and didn’t want to carry around an extra receiver (which, at the time, was the fugly, egg-…

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Trying The Medtronic Mio Infusion Set

...came bearing gifts – a couple Medtronic Mio infusion sets. I was overjoyed with my D-gift. She couldn’t have done better – a gift only a T1 could appreciate. Ever since I tried the Spring Universal infusion set, I’ve been eager to tr…

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Diabetes Essentials, part 2 choose… The first thing I’m going to mention is my insulin pump (Medtronic Minimed VEO) which I got only a few months ago. It has truly changed my life and has helped me improve my blood sugar control. It’s not perfect, but I feel that…

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