A Holiday Keto Dinner


I’ve been groomed since childhood to associate the holiday season with weight gain. I even have an annual automatic New Year’s resolution to lose weight after all the overeating I did over Christmas, even if I didn’t overeat or celebrate Christmas. And since my diabetes diagnosis, it seems like I always screw up my blood sugars around the holidays.

But I think it’s time to say f*** it.

I am going to eat guilt-free this holiday season. The way to do it successfully takes some forethought and preparation, but I’ve already done the planning for you. Here’s your  guide to a keto-friendly holiday meal. Make more than you need for your holiday keto dinner with guests, and you’ll have plenty to keep you full for the days that follow.

Cocktails and Appetizers

Low Carb Almond Milk Eggnog 

Eggnog made with almond milk tastes just like the regular kind. It’s wonderfully thick and rich, and there isn’t a hint of almond flavor. With a little whiskey or rum, and the traditional sprinkling of nutmeg, it’s a perfect low carb treat with which to ring in the holidays.

Vanilla Latte Martini

This combination? How could you go wrong? “Coffee flavoured liqueur and vanilla infused vodka, softened and enriched by heavy cream. I knew was a winner even before I poured it into our martini glasses.”

Maple Rosemary Cocktail Nuts 

The maple and rosemary combo is too tempting to resist. This recipes uses maple extract in place of the syrup, and the hint of sweetness comes from erythritol.


Chessy Spinach Puffs 

Crisp on the outside, soft and cheesy on the inside, these are dangerously addicting. But at less than one net carb each, you can indulge guilt-free. As an added bonus they are ridiculously easy to make – just blend, roll and bake.

Pumpkin Rosemary Biscuits 

There must be fresh, hot, homemade biscuits on the holiday table. But flour-based, high carb biscuits that spike your blood sugar are so last year. Fill your bread basket with these easy-to-make festive pumpkin rosemary biscuits.



Cauliflower and Leek Soup 

Rich and creamy, this celery and leek soup is thickened with cauliflower rather than potatoes. It’s a wonderful low carb alternative to traditional leek and potato soup.

Main courses

Cranberry Glazed Ham 

The cranberry glaze/sauce is wonderful. If you think cranberry sauce only goes with turkey, think again. The tanginess of the berries and the mustard really plays well with the smoky richness of the ham.


For the vegetarians:

Squash and Swiss Chard Casserole 

There’s a buttery flavor to this from the crumb topping, and the chipotle chile powder adds a lovely kick.


Side dishes

Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Browned Butter

This recipe for caramelized Brussels sprouts with browned butter has the added benefit of being ridiculously quick and easy. A hot pan caramelizes the sprouts in a matter of minutes and a little browned butter drizzled over makes them a delectable side dish.


Fennel Gratin

Fennel is a nice change from the normal vegetable side dish rut we seem to fall into. I never used to be a big fan of fennel but when it is slow cooked like this, the anise flavor mellows.


Slow Cooker Gingerbread

Cooking a cake in your slow cooker is not only easy but results in an amazingly moist, dense consistency. It’s more like an old-fashioned steamed pudding and it doesn’t need much more than a bit of whipped cream on top for garnish.

Get our FREE slow cooker cookbook here.


Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies 

These slice-and-bake chocolate pinwheel cookies make a wonderfully festive treat and kids love them.

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