A Mouse for a Day


When I was a little kid I loved watching Tom and Jerry, and although I loved cats (I had one of my own), I always rooted for Jerry.  That said, I never wanted to be Jerry.

Yesterday, though, I saw someone had shared yet another article about how researchers (this time at Georgia Tech and Emory University) cured diabetes in mice. We all know not to hold our breath at this sort of news, I mean how many labs and research centers have succeeded in curing diabetes in mice?

For a moment I thought to myself: If only I were a mouse.

Of course I do know that a mouse’s life is nothing like Mickey Mouse’s or even Jerry’s. Many of them spend their lives in cages and those that don’t usually don’t outsmart the cat. And none of them wear ties. 

But still, wouldn’t it be nice to be a mouse for a day, or just long enough to be cured?

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