A Perfect One Hundred BG


A few days ago Jessica called me over to her desk. “Come see this,” she said. “It’s great.”  She showed me the new web site OneHundredBG,  where people with diabetes can send in a photo of their glucometer when they get a reading of 100.

I agreed.  OneHundredBG is great and fun idea. Then, unable to contain my diabetes sarcasm, I said, “Good thing the site’s not asking for below 40 blood sugar photos.”

I’ve had a few 100 readings in the past and they always made me happy. Although a 100 result isn’t any better than 97 or 103 it somehow seems perfect. I guess that’s why I liked the site and I imagine many others will, too. It taps in to that very unique sense of happiness only diabetics can understand.  For those of you who aren’t diabetic, think of it like getting 100 back on a school test.

On Friday morning after a 13 mile run that started at 5:00 am, I took the kids to school. Then, Jessica and I took Adam to his new preschool where we stayed for about an hour (until we just couldn’t stand it anymore) and then went back home. I made myself a cup of coffee and checked my blood sugar. I was sure it was going to be high.  I was even more sure that it wouldn’t be 100.  But it was!  It was a perfect 100!  I called Jess over and told her to bring the camera. “I got a 100!” I said.

Okay, so it’s not exactly winning the lottery, but it’s still a good feeling.  No prize, just some satisfaction and the chance to send in a photo and be a part of a cool thing.  If you haven’t done so already, check out OneHundredBG.com. And if you get a 100 blood Glucose reading send it in.

I sent mine in today.

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11 years ago

I will have to check this website out. It is funny that 100 will make you happy but more than once I have announced to my husband that it is a “perfect 100.”  :-)

Amy Stockwell Mercer
11 years ago

great idea! I love it….I’ll keep my eye out for a 100 myself. 

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