Adam’s Berry Fruit Salad


My son Adam, age 8, is a guest blogger today. He’s sharing his recipe for berry fruit salad

I like making a lot of things with my mom. Sometimes I pick what we will make. Most of the time we decide together. But sometimes one decides for the other and sometimes the opposite. The biggest reason I make them is because I enjoy it. I don’t like any berry alone, but I like them all together.


1 cup blueberries.
1 cup strawberries.
1 cup blackberries.
1 cup raspberries.
All berries go in, we wrote the berries we remember.
1 banana (optional)

1. Wash berries and let them dry.
2. Slice the banana if using.
3. Put all berries in a big bowl, add banana if using.
4. Mix well, but gently.

5. Let the salad sit for a minute… then eat it

It’s the only salad I like.
Cherries are optional too.
It’s vegan!
I hope you like it.
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1 year ago

These salads look lovely! Have you ever tried to add, mint from your garden, to your fruit salads? I think it takes the fruit salad experience to a whole new level! Bon Appetit!

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