Add Sunflower Seeds To Your Diet


Sunflower SeedsSunflower seeds are low carb, nutrient rich, crunchy, nutty-tasting, cute, and versatile. You can sprinkle them on yogurt, cold cereal and granola, salads, and even scrambled eggs. You can also add them to soup, muffins, grind them into flour or into a sunflower seed paste. There are many reasons to add sunflower seeds to your diet. For starter’s, they’re an excellent source of vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory effects. Vitamin E is important in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. A quarter-cup of sunflower seeds contains 62% of the daily value for vitamin E.

Sunflower seeds are also a good source of magnesium, which is important for bone health. Studies have shown that magnesium can reduce the severity of asthma, lower high blood pressure, and prevent migraine headaches, as well as reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Best of all, magnesium improves insulin sensitivity. A quarter cup of sunflower seeds provides 28% of the daily value for magnesium.

So if you’re looking for a healthy, crunchy low carb snack, add sunflower seeds to your diet!

Sources: and Diabetes Care 
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