All Calm On The Diabetic Front


No real news to report this morning — diabetes still exists; no one’s found a cure since last night. I’m about to have a phone conversation with an insurance salesman to see if it makes sense for me to switch to my husband’s company’s plan (probably considering the fact that I’d be going from $515/month premiums to $0/month, which calculates, roughly, to a big difference). I’m wondering in particular what my chances are to get them to pay for a continuous glucose monitor for me. If the information I got from my recent visit to my endocrinologist’s pump educator is any indication, my chances are quite slim. And also, the Abbott Navigator, which seems like the best system, has a sensor that is bigger than a matchbook that you wear on your upper arm. It’s quite bionic looking — not the sort of thing you’d wear, say, to the beach. But still. All those charts and graphs . . . the ability to see your blood glucose levels in real time and predict when you’re going high or low. . . .

It sounds a little bit like heaven.

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