And so it begins…


With a recent A1C of 5.8, you might think I’d be willing to rest on my laurels. And I am, sort of. But now that I’ve got that number under control, I’ve decided to tackle another number — the one on the scale. As a regular exerciser and devotee of Byetta, I’d settle for losing five pounds this spring. To do this, I’m going the lower carb route, which means reducing the carbs on already low-carb routine. I’ve tried this before, but have quit due to monotony, as in, “if I eat another egg I will start grooming my feathers, etc.” Still, it’s worth a try.

And there is a bonus to this type of eating. One thing I have noticed is that when I’m depending on protein to make up the bulk of my diet, I get fewer lows.

Talked to my endo about this recently, who noted that by staying on very low carb fare, I’m avoiding sugar spikes and their attached lows. This explains the lows after eating my beloved bowl of cereal and then jumping on the bike for an hour of fierce pedaling. More than once, I’ve come up with a 60 or below, and end up guzzling OJ until I feel myself returning to life.

So, I’m off to lay in a goodly assortment of foodstuffs to keep me from the curse of the endless omlette. Wish me luck!:)


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10 years ago

I agree with the more fat.  See for a Canadian MD’s take on managing DM2. 

Christopher Donnelly
11 years ago

More fat! Sounds divine!:)

11 years ago

5.8! That’s great!
What about going for more fat instead of just extra protein?  I know that doesn’t sound logical when you’re trying to lose weight, but I’ve found that it works for me.  When I eat high fat foods like almond butter or cheese (try the cheese crackers recipe!), it’s a long time before I feel hungry again. 
It’s hard to break up with cereal, isn’t it? :) 

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