Animas OneTouch Ping Insulin Pump System’s Security Warning 


Animas Inc. has issued a warning regarding the cyber security of its OneTouch Ping insulin pump system.

The company was notified of a cybersecurity issue with the OneTouch Ping, specifically that a person could potentially gain unauthorized access to the pump through its unencrypted radio frequency communication system.

Animas says it has investigated this issue and has worked with the appropriate regulatory authorities and security experts to further ensure patient safety and security. Animas says that the probability of unauthorized access to the One Touch Ping System is extremely low and would require technical expertise, sophisticated equipment and proximity to the pump, as the OneTouch Ping system is not connected to the internet or to any external network. 

In addition, the system has multiple safeguards to protect its integrity and prevent unauthorized action. If you are concerned about unauthorized access for any reason, the pump’sradio frequency feature can be turned off (as explained in Chapter 2 of Section III of the OneTouch Ping Owner’s Booklet). However, turning off this feature means that the pump and meter will no longer communicate and blood glucose readings will need to be entered manually on the pump. If you choose to use the meter remote feature, another option for protection is to program the pump to limit the amount of bolus insulin that can be delivered. Bolus deliveries can be limited through a number of customizable settings (maximum bolus amount, 2-hour amount, and total daily dose). Any attempt to exceed or override these settings will trigger a pump alarm and prevent bolus insulin delivery. (For more information, please see Chapter 10 of Section I of the OneTouch Ping Owner’s Booklet). The company also suggests turning on the Vibrating Alert feature of the OneTouch Ping System (as described in Chapter 4 of Section I). This notifies the user that a bolus dose is being initiated by the meter remote, which gives the patient the option of canceling the bolus. The bolus delivery alert and the customizable limits on bolus insulin can only be enabled on the pump and cannot be altered by the meter remote. This is also true of basal insulin.  Any insulin delivery and the source of the delivery (pump or meter remote) are recorded in the pump history, so you can review the bolus dosing.

For questions and Information on this issue please contact Animas Customer Technical Support at mailto:RA-ANMUS- or 1-877-937-7867.

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