Answering The “Glu Question of the Day” – Oct. 30th – Nov. 5th


This week the Glu questions of the day were right up my ally. There was one Halloween related question, which was an unavoidable topic, but many of the questions were about exercise in one way or another. 


Nov. 4th: Have you ever participated in a political advocacy campaign for diabetes?


No I haven’t, unless you consider signing an IDF card a participating in a political advocacy campaign. 


Nov. 3rd: Have you participated in a diabetes walk/ride/etc. this season?


No. The truth is I have never taken part in a “diabetes” walk, ride or run, but I feel like every time I participate in a race – 10K, half or marathon – I’m running for diabetes (I also like flashing my pump). I mostly run for myself, proving that I can do it, regardless of diabetes. But there is a part of me that likes to let people know that a person with type 1 diabetes can do it and do it well.


Nov. 2nd: User submitted question: Have you ever competed in an endurance sport?


Yes. I have run 6 marathons, 11 half marathons, a 30K race and a few 10K and 15K races, all in the last four years. I am going to start training for my next marathon soon and maybe one day will get it together and do a triathlon (need a bike and a few swimming lessons).


Nov. 1st: Do you consider yourself a diabetes advocate?


Yes I do.


Oct. 31st: What do you do with Halloween candy?


Living outside the United States makes Halloween a non-issue in our life. But since we do celebrate a few “candy related holidays” (like Purim) I have learned to deal with the candy issue.

Our children do not have diabetes, but we are very aware of what they eat and try to limit the amount of garbage they put in their bodies. What we usually do is let them eat a few small pieces of candy and put the rest away. After a few days it gets forgotten and then at some point thrown out.



Oct. 30th: Do you feel that diabetes has motivated you to exercise more?


Yes. I may have gotten into serious running even if I hadn’t been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but there’s no doubt that it keeps me motivated when I feel burnout or fatigue.

Running and exercise have become part of my diabetes control and without them my blood sugar seems goes a little crazy. 

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