Approaching the Marathon: Thoughts on Life and Diabetes


I’m five days away from my 5th marathon. I ran my first marathon 2 years ago, April 24th 2009, here in Tel Aviv. I remember it well.  It was harder than I’d imagined and it took me a little under 4 hours and 14 minutes. At the 25th mile Jessica was waiting for me cheering me on with a three week old Adam in her arms. I tried to straighten up and smile, but I felt terrible. I was tired and under trained and had very little idea of the effects long distance running had on my blood sugar. I have come a long way since that first marathon.  I have lost 15 pounds, learned to keep my blood sugar under control while I run, train in a serious way and have even learned to carbo load.

Tomorrow is Adam’s birthday. He has also come a long way since that first marathon. He has turned into a little boy. He runs around, babbles/talks and throws food. He is constantly into everything, driving everyone a little crazy while also bringing great joy to all of us (his brothers too). The only thing that hasn’t changed is that he’s as attached to his mother as he was at three weeks (meaning… the boy does not want to be weaned).

In a way it’s hard to believe he’s only two since I can’t imagine life without him. It’s interesting how things become a part of us so we can’t imagine ourselves without them. I feel that way about my family – Jessica and each of the boys – my running, and even my diabetes.

Somehow they are all connected and they are all part of who I am.

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