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James Ron

James Ron, a sociologist and political scientist, holds the Harold E. Stassen Chair for International Affairs at the Humphrey School for Public Affairs, University of Minnesota. He was born in the US, moved to Israel when he was nine, and spent the next fourteen years of his life in the Middle East. James earned a BA from Stanford University, a PhD from UC Berkeley, and has taught at a variety of US and Canadian universities. In years past, he consulted in multiple countries for Human Rights Watch, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and CARE.

James met his Canadian wife, Emma Naughton, while working for Human Rights Watch in Palestine. Emma and Jim now live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with their two children, Tessa and Sacha, and their black Lab, Molly. Sacha was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2009, at the age of two, and now uses an Animas One Touch Ping insulin pump. In his spare time, James volunteers for Life for a Child, a charitable program of the International Diabetes Federation. Whenever he travels overseas, James tries to visit a Life for a Child-supported healthcare provider. In 2011-12, while on sabbatical in Mexico City, James worked with the Mexican Diabetes Federation to help set up a network of charitable providers for type 1 children. For more details, please visit

James Ron writes the blog Parenting Diabetes

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