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Jeffrey Brewer

Since his son’s 2002 diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), Bigfoot Biomedical co-founder and CEO Jeffrey Brewer has been a thought leader and influencer in the T1D community. As a JDRF volunteer, donor, and International Board Member, he launched the Artificial Pancreas Project and later served as JDRF’s CEO where he forged partnerships with industry to drive R&D of diabetes technologies. He spearheaded regulatory reform and elevated JDRF’s strategic priorities to include healthcare policy, reimbursement, and technology access. Jeffrey’s leadership in the T1D space led to the co-founding of Bigfoot Biomedical in 2014, a Silicon Valley startup dedicated to developing technologies that significantly reduce the cognitive, emotional, and financial burdens of insulin-requiring diabetes. A successful entrepreneur, Jeffrey previously founded two technology start-ups: CitySearch and Overture /

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