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Michelle Page-Alswager

Michelle Page-Alswager has been immersed in the diabetes community since her son Jesse was diagnosed at age 3. Michelle worked for a time as a lead JDRF staffer, and before that as a passionate volunteer. Jesse brought his message to Congress as a Children’s Congress delegate, and helped pro snowboarder Sean Busby launch Riding On Insulin. Michelle is now Development Director of Riding on Insulin. 

Since Jesse’s passing, instead of retreating, Michelle has forged onward in his memory, building Riding On Insulin and continuing to push JDRF to where she feels it should be. “Mile 23,” one of the JDRF Ride’s special miles, was founded in Jesse’s memory. This past October, at the JDRF Death Valley Ride, Michelle was awarded the prestigious Promise Rose Jersey for her dedication to working toward a world without diabetes.

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