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Nicholas Norwitz

Nicholas Norwitz received a Ph.D. from Oxford University in ketogenics and neurometabolism, practices as a certified metabolic health practitioner (M.H.P ) with the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners and is now pursing his M.D. at Harvard Medical School.

Nick’s passion for nutrition and metabolic medicine is founded in personal history. At eighteen, he developed severe osteoporosis. At twenty-one, he developed ulcerative colitis. By his twenty-third birthday, Nick was suffering from heart problems. In desperation, Nick tried a ketogenic diet and it completely turned his life around, improving all of his metabolic diseases.

In his words, “The most remarkable part of my story is that it’s not unique. I see the same pattern over and over again: a patient struggles with metabolic disease under conventional care, becomes desperate, and finally goes out on a limb and tries a ketogenic diet only to find that it works. Then the question arises, ‘why did I suffer for years without ever being told this was an option?’” Nick’s career goal is to work to make ketogenic diets for metabolic diseases mainstream.

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