Be Part of The Greatest Awards Show in Diabetes


The Greatest Awards Show in Diabetes will be hosted at the House of Blues in San Diego, as the red carpet highlight of Insulindependence’s 2013 conference. This event will bring together some of the biggest names in diabetes to recognize the year’s most notable achievements in diabetes and sport.

Masters of Ceremonies are diabetes patient blogger Kerri Morrone Sparling, representing Animas, and Mt. Everest Climber and Ironman Triathlete Sebastien Sasseville.

The event will include other awards previously distributed by the Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association and Insulindependence. View a complete list of the awards.

Individuals in the diabetes community are invited to submit their athletic achievement in video form. Insulindependence will share the video on the site.

The video with the most views will receive a package of support for his/her future athletic endeavors. The winners will be announced  at the Greatest Awards Show in Diabetes, at the House of Blues. 

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