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A month ago I was traveling through Europe and my downfall is my love for muesli. But muesli has a million carbs. My very kind sister-in-law, who lives in The Netherlands, found a low carb muesli in the “health food” section of her supermarket, and I feasted. I decided, why not throw together a similar mix once home. Best breakfasts for diabetes with-milk

Above my cereal all prepared. This recipe will look like a lot of work – it’s not. It just takes a few minutes preparation because I throw a lot of stuff in. But there is no cooking, baking, etc. You can also mix up a big batch at the beginning of the week; I happen to like preparing it fresh as a morning ritual. Here’s the mix before the milk is added.

Best breakfasts for diabetes pre-milk

Here are the ingredients. Know that these ingredients can be changed up according to your tastes, so you can certainly leave some out or change the fruits. Just bear in mind, it’s low carb because what goes into your bowl is mostly seeds and nuts.

Best breakfasts for diabetes - ingredients

Amounts are not exact, but you’ll get the idea: • spoonful of chia seeds • spoonful of flaxseed meal (ground flax seeds) • spoonful of hemp seeds • spoonful of uncooked rolled oats • handful of mix of pumpkin and sunflower seeds and poppy seeds • handful of nuts • few berries and one prune cut into little pieces • enough salt for flavor • 1 packet stevia • tsp cinnamon As for the milk, I will often add a bit of half and half, then Almond milk and then some water just to dilute it. The chia and flax seeds will want to soak up the liquid. I find this cold and crunchy cereal just perfect for a summer day – and so anti-oxidant, omega-3 nutritious. Best breakfasts for diabetes - Flaxseed Muffin Above is my other great low carb breakfast, a flax seed muffin, which I’m sure I’ll revert back to when the temperature drops. Recipe here.

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