If you told me to pick one thing to eat every day, three meals a day, forever, I would probably choose a bagel with cream cheese (assuming I didn’t have to factor in diabetes). 

Before diabetes, bagels were one of my staples.  And while I don’t have a hard time avoiding carbs in general, if there are bagels in the room, the best thing for me to do is get away since bagels are about as high in carb as it gets.  In fact, one bagel can have as many carbs as four slices of bread.  A whole wheat Bruegger’s bagel has 61 grams of carb.  A Dunkin Donuts multigrain bagel has 65 grams of carb and contains high fructose corn syrup!  A whole grain bagel at Panera Bread has 67 grams of carb. (Apparently that myth about all the carbs falling out through the hole in the middle just isn’t true.)

If you’re going to have a sandwich, carb-wise, a bagel isn’t your best choice.  Unless you do as my grandmother (who was always on a diet) used to do: cut the bagel in half, dig out the delicious doughy middle and just eat the shell. 

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10 years ago

Bagels were my nemesis for the longest time when I was first diagnosed T1 15+ years ago.  I avoided them like the plague.  However, over the past couple years I’ve learned exactly how to deal with them and figured out the best way to bolus for them (dual wave).  I don’t eat them often, but I do enjoy them and now I’m very comfortable eating them without my blood sugar spiking.

10 years ago

Learning the evils of bagels was my first hard lesson as a newly dx T1 in NYC 30+ years ago. Using only urine test strips (then state of the art) I quickly had to learn myself your Grandmother’s trick of scooping out bagels. In NYC in the 80’s the question “why the ‘heck’ are you doing that to your bagel?” was very often my entre to a discussion about my T1 with friends and strangers alike. And I continue to be an avid scooper to this day.

Deborah Kanter
10 years ago

Which raises the question, with or without diabetes, how did the notion of bagels as a healthy choice arise in the past 20 years? Ditto for muffins.

That said, I do enjoy my occasional 1/3 of a bagel, but only the best baked locally. 

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