Balancing Acts | Jane Kokernak


Food, Fear, and Diabetes

This morning I read two posts that collided, in a way, to illuminate for me the fears that we’ve attached to food.…


Why I Love and Fear My Doctor

I love the endocrinologist who oversees my diabetes care. He is upbeat and funny.
I fear the endocrinologist who oversee…


Weight of an Insulin Pump

My Medtronic 522 insulin pump weighs 100 grams, which is equivalent to 20 nickels. That’s not much, just a pocket …


A Hypoglycemic’s Dilemma

I was prepared for everything that could happen in class that day, except, that is, a hypoglycemic episode.

As a writin…


SkittleFest 2011

My youngest child is 10 years old and in the 5th grade at our neighborhood elementary school. I just got word that today…


Our Sisyphean Tasks

The first time I really understood what is meant by the term “Sisyphean labor,” it was in reading about the …


Needle Goes In

I hadn’t found a sweet spot, the place where the needle to the insertion set goes into flesh like a knife into sof…

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