Blood Sugar Isn’t Everything


When I started long distance running I did it in part to help me cope with my diabetes. I found that running a couple hundred miles a month kept my blood sugar in check and helped me deal with the emotional stress of having a chronic disease.

Over the last few years, running has become much more to me than just a part of my diabetes management program. It has become a way of life. Diabetes remains a motivator, though, something that helps get me out of bed to run before dawn, and keeps me going at the 23rd mile. But I know that even if I were somehow miraculously cured of type 1 diabetes, I would continue to run marathons. 

That is why the last couple of months have been so frustrating.

Since the Tel Aviv marathon in February (which was a disaster), I have been trying to recover from what has been diagnosed as a Proximal Hamstring Syndrome. I’ve gone to a few doctors and physical therapists. I took a break from running, started again slowly, and I’ve done a whole bunch of exercises to strengthen my hamstring. But after all of this, I’m still in pain. I feel like I’m exactly where I was when I started.


On the other had my blood sugar has been better than ever, except for a bunch of hypoglycemic episodes. Replacing my leaky pump, and adjusting my diet and insulin rates to a lower running mode have brought great results. But this doesn’t make me feel much better.


I need to run. It makes me feel strong, healthy and happy. Not running, or running very little very slowly with lots of pain, does the opposite.

Tomorrow morning I am scheduled to have an MRI. I don’t know it will show, but I hope it’s something, which can put me on the road to recovery.

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Stella Jabin
Stella Jabin
8 years ago

My experience is just anecdotal and I’m sure you’ve researched it up and down.  I do a lot of yoga. Many of the poses involve actively and extremely stretching the hamstrings. My leg started to ache while driving (a common symptom.)  After my research, I realized that over flexibility is as much a liability as under flexibility. I stopped this extraordinary stretching of my hamstrings and the pain stopped.  I believe that over stretching damaged something inside.  Just my 2 cents.  Hope you figure it out and get better quickly!

Scott K. Johnson
8 years ago

Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear this.

I hope that you get some positive news, a clear path to recovery, and get back on your wings before too long – and dare I say even faster and stronger than before. 

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