Bristol-Myers Squibb Commits $100 Million to Fighting Type 2 Diabetes in the US


The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation announced the Together on Diabetes initiative, the largest corporate philanthropic commitment to fighting type 2 diabetes in the United States to date. The $100 million, five year initiative aims to help patients living with type 2 diabetes better manage their disease beyond the doors of their doctor’s office.
Together on Diabetes is the Foundation’s first large-scale diabetes initiative. Working with a wide variety of community-based, regional and national partners, Together on Diabetes will support efforts to develop and expand effective patient self-management programs and broadly engage affected communities in the fight against type 2 diabetes. The initiative’s “innovation fund” will encourage and test new ideas for controlling type 2 diabetes, which today affects about one in 12 Americans and could affect as many as one in three Americans by 2050.

Together on Diabetesalso released its first request for proposals, which focuses on African American women. Together on Diabetes will draw upon the Foundation’s deep experience supporting community-based, non-medical support services that complement medical care and improve health outcomes. This approach – first employed by the Foundation in 1999 as part of its groundbreaking $150 million SECURE THE FUTURE initiative to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa – helps remove barriers to diagnosis and care while empowering patients to understand their role in managing their disease and reducing the risks it can pose to their health.

You can learn more about Together on Diabetes at

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