Can a Rare Gene Recharge the Immune System and Cure Type 1 Diabetes?


Last summer we ran a story called, Has A British Man Really Been Cured of Type 1 Diabetes?, about Dan Darkes (aka Miracle Dan) who claims to have had Type 1 diabetes for seven years before being cured. When Elizabeth Rowley interviewed Dan, for ASweetLife, he told her the realized he might have been ‘cured’ after experiencing low blood sugars while taking insulin. “I was going low a lot, waking up hypo in the night,” he said, “Eventually, after blood tests, including ones that showed my HbA1C was lowering, and getting lower, I was told by my doctors to reduce my insulin intake. I was eventually told to come off it completely.”

Darkes was certain he hadn’t been misdiagnosed as having Type 1 diabetes.  He said, “I definitely had Type 1 diabetes. I have gotten many comments online that I was just misdiagnosed and it was Type 2 diabetes, but I was on Novorapid and Lantus for 7 years – taking 15 units in morning, 12 units at lunch and then another evening dose. I do not think I was misdiagnosed. I know what I had.”

In attempt to understand what had happened in his body, Darkes traveled to the U.S. last year for tests. He said, “I was sent to St. Louis to get tests done. They included a run with fasting for 6 hours beforehand. I was sent there mainly to undergo more extensive tests than could be done in the UK. One such test included a data microchip and physical exercise to determine sensor movement from my brain to see if there was a sufficient trigger in my cells, especially as my body was going into exhaustion mode.”

Since our  interview with Darkes last year, we’ve been curious to find out more about the results of his testing. And, yesterday the DailyMail published a story that says Darkes’ tests “revealed he carries a rare gene that recharged his immune system and led to insulin being reproduced in his pancreas.”

The story continues: 

“Mr Darkes believes his diet – high in zinc supplements, nuts, oily fish and vegetables – and running 60 miles a week has also played a role.  

And he claims his doctors – who are convinced he will be ‘completely cured’ within months – agree his exercise and diet may have helped his reversal.”

Regarding the gene Darkes’ claims has helped his pancreas recharge, he told the DailyMail, “‘The doctors still don’t know what this gene is but they’re pretty sure this, combined with exercise, is the reason I’ve been able to cure myself.

‘It’s as if the gene is acting as a back-up immune system and has recharged my pancreas.’ He added that scientists have yet to find anyone else to have the gene.” 

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Michael Verlackt
Michael Verlackt
4 years ago

Have to call b* sh*t on the gene explanation. If you want to find the rare gene in another person it can be found in either the father or the mother. The simple hereditary laws (Mendel) dictate this. The fact that it would be so rare he would be the only person found so far is the biggest BS I have heard in a long time! Hand over the sequence and we’ll run it through the human genome project. It would be the first unique sequence in the history of its existence. Seems more like an attempt to hide the… Read more »

Holland Heath Coaching
Holland Heath Coaching
4 years ago

Always so interesting to learn about the new technology and updates on the verge of breaking through. Fascinating read, thank you for sharing!

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