Carbohydrate Dreaming


I haven’t posted all week because Baby Adam has had a nasty virus – high fever, vomiting, etc.  I’ve been holding him pretty much 24 hours a day, which doesn’t leave time for the many, many things diabetes in my life.  This morning I did finally check my fasting blood sugar and it was 86, which was a relief since I’d gone to bed at 180 the night before, too tired to care about being high.

But just because I haven’t been as diabetes-active as usual doesn’t mean diabetes hasn’t been on my mind.  In fact, during the one decent stretch of sleep I got last night (3 hours), I dreamed about pasta.  Not just any old bowl-of-spaghetti pasta or mac-and-cheese.  My dream was about giant pasta noodles the length of an 18-wheeler.  I won’t torture you by taking you through the maze of my dream.  I’ll just let you know that I had the self-control to resist the world’s biggest carb.  And speaking of carbs… have you ever thought about how difficult it would be to get the word carbohydrate into a song?  What?  Not something you wonder about all the time?  Thanks to my dream, I’ve come up with the perfect way to slip some carb into a song.  All you have to do is play the clip below and substitute carbohydrate for California.   Carbohydrate dreamin on such a winter’s day... (I’m currently suffering from SSHS).  Sing your hearts out, guys!


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