Carbs in my Coffee


I had some dreams they were carbs  in my coffee
Carbs in my coffee, and… You’re so vain…

Mike makes fantastic cappuccino every morning, which I love (and need).  The problem, however, is that the cup of warm, foamy milk which he pours into the coffee sometimes causes my blood sugar to jump to 160 or higher – that’s without any breakfast (and -of course – without any sugar in the coffee).  And then I start singing carbs in my coffee, carbs in my coffee…  My singing is never a good thing, especially not early in the morning.  So for the sake of my blood sugar and my marriage, I’ve done some experimenting with coffee.  For the last two days instead of drinking cappuccino,  I’ve switched to black filter coffee with just a splash of milk.  Guess what?  My blood sugar has barely budged.

According to NutritionData, one cup of whole milk has 13 grams of carb.  This is a fact I should have long-known.


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7 years ago

That’s why I use half and half or cream. Muuuuch less sugar and sooo good.

Bob Hearn
Bob Hearn
12 years ago

LOL – I’ve always loved this song – now I have another reason to do so.  I accept the carbs in my coffee as the price I pay for not going to prison – if I go without my coffee, I might start hurting people  :)

Nan Faass
12 years ago

What about making latte with raw almond milk – it doesn’t have quite as much kick, but it tastes awesome.  Another option is espresso con pana (with sinful whipped cream) either made with home-made whipped cream (delicious, I made this one without any sweetener) or canned soy whipped cream (haven’t tried it yet – $6 at Whole Foods).

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