Coffee Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes


New evidence shows that drinking coffee may help prevent diabetes and lower blood sugar, according to a EurekAlert report. In a study, published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists fed either water or coffee to a group of laboratory mice commonly used to study diabetes. Coffee consumption prevented the development of high-blood sugar and also improved insulin sensitivity in the mice, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes. Coffee also caused a cascade of other beneficial changes in the fatty liver and inflammatory adipocytokines related to a reduced diabetes risk.

Past studies have suggested that regular coffee drinking may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes but until now little of that evidence has come from studies on lab animals.

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Lisa Park
12 years ago

Great info! Anything to reduce the risk helps. It’s scary that one third of those with diabetes have no idea they have the disease. Early detection isn’t just important, it should be a priority. Did you know that signs of diabetes can be detected through a comprehensive eye exam? Bill Nye The Science Guy (yes, from third grade) explains how in the second Episode of VSP’s “Eye Files” –

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