Cooking Martha Rose Shulman’s Beans and Red Chard Recipe


I spent this morning cooking Martha Rose Shulman’s Ragout of White Beans and Red Chard. I don’t usually cook on weekday mornings, but since I happened to have a little free time, and I felt like I could tolerate the smell of onions and garlic with my morning coffee, I decided to go for it.

I’m not sure my version of the recipe came out the way Martha’s does. The red chard didn’t “bleed” very much into the beans but it still looked good (at least I think so). And the most important thing is that it tasted great. I’ve become a big fan of thyme, which works beautifully in this recipe with the garlic and onion, giving it a delicate rustic taste. I really wasn’t all that surprised that I liked the recipe since I love all of its ingredients.  I was surprised, however, when Guy, my seven-year-old son, came home from school, saw the beans in the pot and asked to have some.  Then he asked for seconds, and then thirds.

I was hoping to serve the beans for dinner tonight but I’m not sure there is enough left for me and Jessica.  The truth is, it’s not such a bad thing since I’m running tomorrow morning and I’m not sure a dinner of beans, no matter how yummy they are, is the best thing for me.

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