Cronuts, the New Carb on the Block

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cronuts –

I’m a little late in learning about the cronut craze, but now that I know about cronuts, I hate diabetes a little more than usual. 

If you haven’t been following, in May the Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC created a pastry that is part croissant and part doughnut.  The Cronut.  The bakery produces 200 cronuts a day, and sells out immediately.  Fans line up as much as two hours before opening in order to get a cronut.  There is even a cronut blackmarket.  Yep, cronut scalpers.  

In this day and age of obesity and epidemic levels of diabetes, we should all be cringing about the fact that there’s a new carb on the block and it’s considerably more popular than spinach.  And this carb is not just on the block anymore.  Dunkin Donuts has launched its own version of the cronut in South Korea .  

Cronuts - Dunkin' Donuts's Photos
Cronuts – From Dunkin’ Donuts’s Photos on FaceBook


But, I’m having a hard time getting upset about the cronut.  It sounds like the most delicious combination of carbs and I can’t help but admire the genius of Dominique Ansel.  Out of curiosity, I visited Ansel’s website and checked out his online store (boutique, I mean).  There’s a special joke in there for people with diabetes – a baked good aptly named DKA.  There’s even an Extra Large DKA in case you want to die twice.  The cronut, thankfully, lacks the initials that spell out death to diabetics.  I might be reading too much into the cronut craze, but its popularity seems to represent a sort of rebellion, a broccoli backlash.  After years of being bombarded with top ten lists exalting kale, the stress of the NYC soda ban, and those preachy Meatless Mondays folks, someone has finally given us what we want: really sweet carbs. 

Though I haven’t tasted a cronut, I’m guessing it’s the best new carb since Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. What I’m saying is, although I’m against the cronut in principle, if you offered me one I wouldn’t say no thanks.  I’d smile and bolus. 


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Jessica Apple
9 years ago

No frozen s’mores for me.  I wouldn’t waste a bolus on them :).

And Catherine, I find the DKA thing really funny, too.  Are we alone in this? 

9 years ago

It’s only a matter of time before the cronut hits Philly. (We’ve already got our gourmet fried chicken/donut deadly duo at Federal Donuts – – there’s music)

Also, is it weird that I find the DKA thing hysterical? 

Dr. Margaret A. Morris

The cronut doesn’t do it for me, but the same baker/confectioner who created the cronut has also created the harder-to-scalp (can you believe people scalp cronuts??) frozen s’more. Now that I could get behind:

Margo Sugarman
Margo Sugarman
9 years ago

I’m not diabetic but I am a fan of Jessica’s. I can see how the cronut phenomenon is a huge setback. In solidarity with all my diabetic friends, I publicly vow never to taste or eat one in any way! And this is official. Pass the kale, please!

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